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This gynecomastia surgery patient had moderate sized female looking breasts that seem quite out of the ordinary and certainly there is nothing good about them.

Immediately after surgery there is a huge change with a normal male chest arising from the treatment. He has some swelling but no bruising and his chest looks impressive. Skin retraction is 100% which I anticipated after an examination of his skin elasticity. Remember, good skin is everything when it comes to quality results from gynecomastia treatment – skin quality is critical when considering whether to perform skin removal gynecomastia treatment with scars across the chest. If this can be avoided it’s a good thing.

A month and a half later you can appreciate that his chest looks the same as it was on post-operative day number one without the swelling and induration. If your chest looks full right after treatment you will be disappointed down the line as the swelling subsides and you realize that the mass is still there. Results of treatment are immediate off the table.

The Gynecomastia Struggle is real. The results of treatment is a game changer both mentally and physically.

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