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This gynecomastia treatment patient obviously has advanced gynecomastia. According to my published Gynecomastia Classification System, he is Zone 1. He is also overweight with a BMI (Body Mass Index) well outside the ideal/healthy range.

The “big question” in his case is what form of treatment for gynecomastia with surgery is best him? Does he require skin removal with large scars across his chest or an approach with little to no scarring? Should tissue be left so there is no “donut” deformity or contour irregularity? What expectations should this man have with regards to his result and what are important considerations in the management of his case so he obtains the very best result?

I think about these issues because I personally want the best result for each and every one of my patients. They have come to trust me and I don’t want to disappoint. I am, by my nature, very honest and forthright with my patients.

I could tell in his photos that I would be able to achieve a pretty impressive result with standard, non-skin removal gynecomastia treatment with the complete removal of ALL gynecomastia tissue. The end result is not looking good in a shirt (that’s easy), it’s looking good without a shirt (not so easy).

In these before and after photoshe is seen 1 day after treatment. I know, you may say “what will it look like months down the line?” That’s a fair question, and I do have many patients with long term results to learn from, but most of my patients are from far away and, thankfully, most are very happy with their results and they don’t want to come back for photos (leave me alone).

Look at the difference 1 day later. He enjoys almost complete skin retraction with some creasing centered at each nipple-areola complex on both sides. There is no donut. The contour of his pectoral muscles is in full view, and the look on his face upon first seeing his chest said it all—OMG. Right out of the “box” his result is nothing short of spectacular by ANY standard.

What you need to learn from this case is not only the possibilities for an amazing transformation in expert hands dealing with complicated gynecomastia but also what YOU need to do to ensure the very best result (no shirt at the beach or pool feeling mojo like never before).

When you are in my control, I will handle your chest in the best way possible—that’s guaranteed. I can’t always promise you a rose garden or a perfect result, but I can assure you that you would have a hard time finding a surgeon with more experience and dedication to his patients and reputation anywhere on this planet.

HE must now take the ball from here. This means concentrating on his recovery from gynecomastia surgery and managing his skin over the coming weeks to minimize skin creases and watching out for seroma/fluid accumulation and scar tissue. I can’t be with him every minute of his recovery so that is why I am very adamant about my patients following my post treatment instructions and truly dedicating themselves to doing what they need to do to ensure the best outcome. When this relationship is accomplished, it’s a win-win situation. I get the personal and professional satisfaction of changing your life for the better and taking great care of you, and you invested time and effort so you can truly achieve full freedom from the burden of gynecomastia. Then, the only thing left is not to forget our brothers who suffer from gynecomastia and always helping out in any way possible!

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