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This is a very inspirational story. This young man has suffered tremendously from gynecomastia for many years. It essentially ruined his life. He was seen by doctors over the years requesting gynecomastia treatment surgery of his chest but it was not covered by insurance. He has asymmetrical gynecomastia – it’s not unilateral. His right side is a full blown female like breast. This left side is Zone 1 gynecomastia that is typical / moderate in comparison.

You can imagine that it is impossible to manage gynecomastia this asymmetrical. How do you cover it up other than wearing a huge, oversized sweatshirt? How do you even imagine what it’s like to hang with your friends by the pool? How do you engage intimacy when you have to deal with this?

He submitted an online consultation. I told him I believed that I can manage his case with conventional / traditional treatment without excising his skin and leaving scars on his chest. I was not inclined to deal with his large right breast as I would a typical woman’s breast with a formal breast reduction with an anchor scar.

He is seen here after standard gynecomastia treatment on both sides followed by a subcutaneous mastectomy on the larger Right side. He is seen here in the gynecomastia surgery before and after the next day in the office with this VERY impressive early result. Is the skin on the right side perfect – a resounding NO. Is it amazingly, miraculously phenomenal. You bet it is!

This is the beginning of his new life. He is going to lose some weight. He is going to engage the best in life like everyone else. He is going to work his result to make it as perfect as it can possible be and we will evaluate the situation in a years’ time to see if we want to do anything to improve on this result. To be honest with you all, I couldn’t be happier with this result and know even a year from now it will still be amazing and compared to what he had, and where he is, life is REALLY good!

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