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Patient Details

This is a 20 year old gynecomastia patient who is from out of town and I consulted with him via Skype. He has very significant unilateral (one sided) gynecomastia with a true breast-like appearance on his right side. You can only imagine how this has effected this young man. You can see in the immediate post gynecomastia surgery picture the size of the glandular mass that was removed. I needed to do a procedure on the other side as well so the result is equal.

Things to learn:

  1. Unilateral gynecomastia is no different from that which happens on both sides. It is probably more troubling for patients because it is hard to hide – it’s better to have two full sides because at least it’s even. Stuffing a bra in a man isn’t on the menu.
  2. I performed a subcutaneous mastectomy on his right side. This means I removed the breast in all its entirety. It came out as one big mass. I got that out through that tiny incision about the areola – pretty cool if you ask me.
  3. Liposuction would have done nothing to this breast.
  4. A big “dead space” exists after removal of the mass. This basically is empty space where the mass was and the body wants to fill it in with fluid (blood or serum). To reduce this possibility I used a drain and my quilting sutures (I doubled down on the prevention of fluid collection).
  5. I could make a strong argument that he should have had this treatment years ago in order to limit his exposure to the psychological trauma with having to deal with this condition. I doubt that he will be able to get to a zero on my gynecomastia scale.

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