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Patient Details

This young man presented with complaints of fullness of his chest – gynecomastia. You can see from his pre-operative gynecomastia surgery pictures that he has generalized fullness of his chest and it involves all 4 Zones of his chest. He had a lot of fullness under his arms. It made his upper chest look very top heavy and unsculpted.

He is seen here after gynecomastia surgery including chest contouring with mostly liposuction. I spend a lot of time removing fat on his upper trunk (1400cc of fat was removed). He had only a small amount of glandular material beneath the nipples.

Unfortunately, his pictures don’t do his result justice compared to what I saw in person. His chest is flat and all that fullness under his arms is gone. He is more sculpted and less full in the upper chest.

BUT, he traveled back to me thinking he had some tissue that remained. We had a wonderful conversation. I came to the conclusion that his result was perfectly normal. I showed him that I have some tissue beneath my chest and I don’t have gynecomastia (although I am around it so much at times I think I do!)

I have added his email response to our lovely encounter in my office:

“Thank you Dr. Caridi for your help and confirmation. I thoroughly enjoyed you and your staff during my visits there. Its hospitality at its best!!

My results are great and my stride for perfection can sometimes cloud the tremendous progress that I have made. As you stated, ‘the enemy of good is better’. This statement holds to be true! After leaving the office yesterday and pondering on where I am now and where I was only a mere three months ago, it’s a world of a difference. I’m forever grateful for your artistry, your opinion, your confirmation and your being able to relate to me on a personal level. You’re the best!”

What my patient needed was confirmation from me that he was normal and that nothing needed to be done. This was helpful to him, if not liberating of sorts. Sometimes it’s hard to know what normal is when you have been dealing with gynecomastia for so long. I know that it gets into your head and it can confuse issues to say the least. A little reassurance and confirmation from a well-known expert in gynecomastia treatment can go a long way.

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