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This gynecomastia surgery case is an example of skin excision technique. This was offered as the best option in his case because of the size of his breasts, the laxity of his skin and his goal for his skin to be ” tight” and not just flat. The decision for skin removal shouldn’t be that difficult for an experienced surgeon who has a lot of gynecomastia cases under their belt. If not, it can get tricky and you must make sure that you don’t get some form of skin removal when you didn’t need it.

These pictures are early in his recovery. He is only 8 weeks. Things will change and soften over time and it takes two years for the scars to fully mature. He is using scar strips during the critical time of wound healing (first 6 months). He has lost weight and his goal has been made easier because of the treatment on his chest.

His result isn’t perfect (the right nipple areola complex is a bit medial), I’m always thinking of things that can better but it is an impressive result nonetheless and it is a complete game changer for this patient. Can you imagine what he had to do with his former chest? How do you hide your gynecomastia? How do you deal with shirts? What’s it like to shower and move your hands around a chest that feels like you have female breasts. NOT FUN. NOT GOOD.

I can clearly see and hear the transformation from him. When he walked into the office after his treatment, his posture was upright and confident. His aura has improved since before treatment. He is motivated. He is recovering from the mental consequences of gynecomastia. I couldn’t be happier for him and I am so privileged to part of the solution. Thank you kindly to my good patient for sharing his photos so our brothers who have gynecomastia can learn from him.

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