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Gynecomastia Surgery Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 114

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This case, although not including his post-operative gynecomastia surgery pictures, is an important example of a class of challenging cases. He is in great shape, and developed gynecomastia in Zone one bilaterally after taking hormone supplements. He also complained of prominent nipples. I can easily feel the gland beneath his nipple-areola complexes.

You can see the mass removed and the contour change. I removed the mass first, and then I had to do final chest contouring with liposuction. I also performed some wide undermining, internal flaps and used my quilting sutures. ALL this on a case that looks relatively easy and straight forward (at least from a surgeons perspective!)

Problem is that when the mass is removed there is a hole present. I can leave some of the mass (not the best choice) or I can remove 99% of the mass and then work the surrounding area so that the final result is smooth (this is the hard part that requires great skill and experience). It took me many years to develop the operative sequence to ensure a consistent satisfactory result with these patients.

He is also a black man and I needed to put his case out there as proof that I operate on black patients! I tend to post fewer pre and post-operative photos as I already have a lot out there and most of my patients are from outside of Texas and my local area so it’s hard to get them back for pictures.

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