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This gynecomastia surgery case is amazing if you ask me. Appreciate the really unusual shape to his chest. He is a young, strong guy with hanging gynecomastia and folds in the lateral chest zones. He had real tissue that made for that shape. His posture must have contributed to the “downward” appearance of his upper chest.

LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE ONE DAY AFTER TREATMENT! His chest is sculpted and masculine. Nothing is down and sad looking. He stared in the mirror in my office non stop when we took his garment off for the first time. He was about in tears (sometimes harder for us manly guys!)

He is off on his gynecomastia surgery recovery journey and this is not to be taken lightly. He has to manage the recovery process, make sure his skin retracts smoothly, and always be on the lookout for scar tissue that can result in the coming months. If he gets scar tissue he will have to “beat it out”. This all requires vigilance and effort so you must be up to the task if you want the very best result!

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