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This is an amazing gynecomastia treatment surgery success story if you ask me. This is a young man who lost a LOT of weight. He had significant gynecomastia on both sides and it was asymmetrical. He even has sagging of the chest and his areolas were remarkably large. He even had a skin roll extending from this frontal chest under his arms to his back.

I felt that he would do well with my “standard” non skin removal gyno surgery technique. Here are his photos 7 months later. It’s nothing short of remarkable in my humble opinion as this approach allowed him to enjoy a very impressive result although imperfect. He didn’t get this result because “I’m a wonderful surgeon”, he got it because I believed his skin would do well on its own. I knew this because I have had the great fortune of doing thousands of these cases and I learned. Not doubt it’s a lot better than large scars across this chest and around his areolas. I don’t have a problem per se with skin removal gynecomastia – I just only want to engage skin removal if it’s necessary. The problem is that the decision to remove skin or not remove skin is not that easy and requires great judgment obtained only from a lot of experience. If your surgeon has suggested skin removal treatment of your gynecomastia, I recommend that you visit with TWO others so you get a better perspective. Listen to your surgeon—you will clearly “hear” things that make or don’t make any sense. You can tell who knows what they are talking about and those just blabbing. Either they have been there before or they haven’t – choose your surgeon carefully.

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