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Patient Details

This is a man in his thirties who was bothered by gynecomastia. He told me that he has had it since puberty and that it has affected his life tremendously. He is seen in these photos about 1 year after gynecomastia surgery with liposuction and tissue removal through a small incision around the bottom of the areola.

Lessons to learn:

  1. He had a fair amount of breast tissue present. You can appreciate this mostly on the oblique views and the frontal view with his hands up. Look and see the rounded areas on both sides beneath his nipple-areola complexes.
  2. How patients “recover” from gynecomastia is somewhat of a mystery. In his case, it was weird for him to see himself right after surgery without the fullness. He is still critical of the area that was treated and sometimes “sees” things that remind him of his gynecomastia. Few patients, in my experience have the “here today and gone tomorrow” result where they simply forget what they had. Gynecomastia is a scar of sorts and complete recovery is relatively uncommon in my view.
  3. I have moved more and more towards the use of a “cartilage shaver” technique in the treatment of my gynecomastia patients. This is a surgical device that removes the gland from a small incision on the lateral chest area rather than an incision around the areola and direct, visible removal of the breast tissue. So far so good in terms of the results. I think it will become the primary form of treatment for most of my patients.

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