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Patient Details

This is a 23 year old young man who is 5’10” and 190 pounds who complained about “puffy nipples”. It bothers him a lot. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the worst, he rated it as a nine! He says he thinks about it every day and has to be very careful about what he wears and is very self-conscious.

This guy is buffed for sure and most guys would love to have the physique that he has. Yet this is very traumatic for him. He has some glandular material that I can appreciate on examination immediately beneath his nipple-areola complexes on both sides. He has some fullness to this area that is worse depending on how relaxed the muscle is around his areolas.

Under local anesthesia and in about 30 minutes I removed a small amount of breast tissue on both sides with gynecomastia surgery. You can see the specimen in the pictures included. He has healed very well and is very pleased with the results and is appreciative of my services to help him. I don’t suppose you can actually see much of a difference in the photos, but any guy out there who suffers from the same thing he did is well aware of the difference. Simply put, he doesn’t want to appear to have nipples when wearing a shirt. His problem is solved and he is very happy.

I recently asked this patient to respond to some questions after viewing his final photographs. I was wondering if I would get more information than what I can typically obtain face-to-face. Here are my questions and his responses:


  1. I told you that you had a very minor amount of tissue that made for your “puffy nipples”. Did this procedure adequately address this problem? Yes, very happy with the results.
  2. If this procedure has helped you, can you elaborate a bit? Give me some specific examples of how this helped? I am no longer self concious about the puffy nipples. I now feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public, and I don’t have to worry about what shirts I wear. I felt like certain shirts, especially plain t shirts, made my nipples protrude and visible to others. I dont worry about that anymore.
  3. Would you recommend this procedure to others? Yes, I should have had it done sooner.
  4. You stated that this really bothered you and that you thought about it every day. Do you still think about it every day? If it bothered you as a 9/10 before surgery, how would you rank it today? (1 is normal and 10 is really bad.) 1, It really doesn’t cross my mind anymore, but after the procedure it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.
  5. Do you have any suggestions for me to help me help others better? You had the most informative website and made the situation as easy as possible. I appreciate all your help.

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