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This patient had unilateral gynecomastia that developed at puberty. He is seen here after removal of the gynecomastia tissue with surgery for gynecomastia. He developed a hematoma after the procedure and showed up 2 weeks later with a swollen chest on the right side. We removed the bloody collection in the office with a simple procedure and he healed as you see him now.

He has some scar tissue beneath the right nipple areola complex that I am injecting some steroids and this will soften and go away. He has some pigment staining of the skin around the areola from the blood that was sitting for two weeks (hemosiderin staining).

He is very happy with his improvement. I think he is a Superman kind of guy as he walked around with a hematoma for such a long time and didn’t think it was abnormal! You can imagine how difficult it is to hide the difference between the two sides. It is much better to have two breasts that are the same size rather than such a big difference that is hard to hide.

I’m not sure why he got the hematoma other than he had surgery and had his large amount of gland removed. It’s actually hard to believe such a huge gland was found in this small guy. It’s the tip of the iceberg that we see in his case with a large amount of tissue hiding below the skin.

Problems happen after any surgery. My job is to take care of them and to inform patients that they can happen, how often they happen, what I do if it happens and what the consequences are. I’m always truthful and up front. I don’t tell patients I am perfect and that I don’t have complications. Thankfully they are uncommon and usually quite minor. I’m proud of my reputation when it comes to surgery. Thirty years of experience has a way of making sure things go as planned.

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