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Gynecomastia Surgery Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 92

Patient Details

This patient presented with puberty type gynecomastia. He suffered from it mentally quite significantly. You can see the fullness on both sides of his chest as well as the areas of skin hyperpigmentation (dark stains) from the use of tape to conceal his chest. He is seen here after gynecomastia treatment surgery with my Vaser and tissue removal.

On frontal view there is considerable improvement. The biggest gain is seen on the oblique and side views where you can really appreciate the change in shape of the chest that came along with the tissue volume removal at the time of his procedure.

He has recovered beautifully mentally much to my surprise. It’s not that I didn’t think he was going to benefit from treatment, I just judged that maybe he wouldn’t recover as well because of the taping and the degree of mental anguish he admitted he suffered.

I learn once again that life as a plastic surgeon is all about the journey of doing and learning and listening. I am delighted with his recovery from this unfortunate condition that brings down so many otherwise healthy men.

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