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This young man is two days out from his gynecomastia surgery. I usually like to wait six months for photos but most local patients don’t come back for photos and it’s near impossible for most of my out of town patients (who make up the bulk of my practice).

What you can appreciate is interesting though. You can clearly see that he had an exaggerated case of puffy nipples – almost a “tubular” type condition. His areolas are enlarged and wide. This is most commonly associated with glandular material which you can see I removed from the photo of the actual tissue removed at the time of his procedure.

You can also appreciate how little bruising there is. This is because Vaser treatment helps with the bruising. You can see that the results of adequate gynecomastia treatment is immediate with no need to wait months to “see the result”. Either the tissue is there or it isn’t and if it needs months to settle that means there is still stuff there that will often be a cause of disappointment.

Probably most importantly is the fact that I believe these folks don’t need a “lift” with an incision around the areola. This can look quite weird or worse. The areola will contract and become smaller one the mass is removed. No matter how it ends up it is often better than the scar around the areola.

You can also appreciate that outline of his chest muscle that is seen now early in his recovery. As the residual swelling subsides this will only get better. Last but not least, the most important aspect of his treatment is his mental recovery which I believe he is just beginning to adjust to his new chest. Always start by keeping your shoulders back. The rest will generally take care of itself. You won’t appreciate the benefits of gynecomastia treatment unless you admit you have it and seek out appropriate expert care. At the Austin Gynecomastia Center, your gynecomastia can be fixed and your chest will look normal.

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