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Gynecomastia Surgery Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 85

Patient Details

This young man is seen here after “standard” gynecomastia treatment surgery at the AGC with Vaser and tissue pullout technique through a partial periareolar incision. He is early in his recovery and ecstatic with his results. He has mild “funnel chest” shape which means there is a low point of his chest at his mid sternum and the highpoint is his lateral chest. The breast like features are gone. He has induration of the tissues which you can see as a darker area up front in Zone 1. He has not started rolling yet. The areolas are smaller and darker. The left areola is higher than the right as it was pretreatment. The side view is the real game changer. No longer does he have small, pointy breasts that look like headlights when wearing any time of shirt.

He has already lost weight. I can tell that mentally he is in a good place and it’s only going to get better and I know this has been a game changer for him. His contour will continue to improve for six months and his skin will soften and things will really come into their own. I couldn’t be happier for him.

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