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This is a fairly typical example of Zone 1 gynecomastia. You can see in the first set of photos his significant fullness and puffy nipples. This is obvious. In the second set of photos you can appreciate him on the first day after his gynecomastia surgery. Looking good. In the last set of photos his is about 4 months out of treatment and we had to deal with some seromas that he developed. We treated them with repeat aspiration and steroid injections.

The lesson here, among others, is that there really isn’t a big difference between a post operative day one photo and a longer term photo as removal of all the underlying offending tissue and contouring of the chest reveals an immediate result. Yes, there will be some swelling and bruising but in the end, if you can avoid scar tissue formation, you get what you get right out of the operating room!

He had some issues with seroma and scar tissue formation. He worked his result. He invested in his recovery period because he wanted the very best result possible. Together, we make this happen.

Gyno surgery results one day after surgery and four months after surgery

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