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Patient Details

This is a secondary surgery for gynecomastia case. This means this young man had previous treatment (elsewhere) and was not happy with his results. I am fortunate that I see many patients like him because of the advanced nature of my gynecomastia experience/practice.

Tissue was left from his original treatment. The scars at the bottom of his areolas were not ideal. He is seen here about 6 months after I removed fairly large masses of tissue and used my internal flap technique to create a smooth contour without depressions or divots. ALL his tissue was removed—none is left to make sure there is no depression (outdated logic now that I learned how to make sure my patients have their cake and eat it too!)

He has been transformed. You can appreciate the physical transformation with these photos but what you can’t appreciate is the MENTAL transformation that was obvious the minute he showed up in my exam room. He was confident and well spoken. He was no longer shy and reserved. His body changed completely as he lost weight and exercised regularly and it shows. Once the mental burden of gynecomastia has been lifted, he was free to invest in himself with pride and confidence. This is the ultimate benefit from appropriate gynecomastia treatment—liberation from the daily burden of a chest that simply isn’t right.

I plan to perform some local scar revision at his areolas to improve the scars a bit. I want to bring this chest “home” completely as possible. I’m willing to invest in him after he has shown his success at investing in himself! A case like this brings a big SMILE to my face.

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