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This patient is seen here 1 day after his treatment for gynecomastia with surgery. You can see that he has significant female like breast features with enlarged areolas, a breast shape and sagging of the tissue as well. He simply doesn’t know what a normal male chest looks like as he has had to live with this most of his observant life.

What I see in the post-operative photos is a tremendous change overall (day and night). The breasts are now gone, his areolas are smaller and positioned where they are supposed to be in a male and his skin has retracted beautifully. His nipple-areola complexes rotated medially and upwards after tissue removal. There is some redness of the skin which is normal after Vaser treatment. I can appreciate the outline of his pectoral or chest muscles. He can actually flex his chest muscle and see it move under his skin! Oh, and I don’t see any scarring at all (I tell my patients there are no scars with this procedure to be worried about).

His recovery will be brief and non-dramatic – just like I like. There will be some discomfort for a day or two but then things get better and Motrin or Aleve is all that is needed. Most patients get back to their lives after a day or two. That’s what makes treatment of gynecomastia at the AGC so cool – done right and recovery is brief and then you are on to a life without gynecomastia. Walk in with gyno and walk out a new man! He is from out of town as most of my patients are.

The results from expert gynecomastia treatment are immediate. There shouldn’t be a lot of waiting for things to look right. This should be right out of the box. He will start his rolling in about two weeks and keep his shoulders back so this helps the skin redrape. The psychological recovery starts immediately.

Most importantly you should know that there are probably many doctors he could have visited who would have suggest that because he has saggy breasts that he would need a “lift” either around the areolas or even around the areolas and across his chest. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY in his case. In fact, it would have been really bad if he subjected himself to permanent scars across his chest that he simply didn’t need. The capacity for the skin of the chest to retract should not be underestimated and there are “tricks” to manage patients with laxity of the skin. This is why I encourage all patients who have gynecomastia to visit with several surgeons if there is ever a question of skin removal / nipple repositioning as this is often not needed and it takes an expert with mucho experience to know what to do in the more challenging cases. Yes, experience really does matter when it comes to the treatment of gynecomastia.

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