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This 38 year old male developed full blown gynecomastia from hormone use. On examination, he has well developed breast tissue on each chest. It was firm and tender. You can see the “breast like” appearance of his chest. He is seen here after gynecomastia surgery with 150 cc of fat removal and over 50 grams of breast tissue. Check out the pictures that have the tissue removal at his surgery.

Patients who have a history of prohormone or hormone use typically have frank breast tissue at the time of surgery. They have true hard gland that comes out like you can see in the pictures.

For the record, this procedure performed on this young man can also be called a “mastectomy”. This means removal of the breast, as this is exactly what I did.

He is adjusting to the new contour to some degree – this is important to understand. When this mass was removed the shape of the chest area changes considerably. The skin and thin layer of subcutaneous tissue drapes over the pectoralis muscle. Even in the “normal” chest, there is thickness to the tissue layer that makes for a less “sharp” chest area. This is why in most cases I try to leave some subcutaneous tissue so that the result appears as “normal” as possible. In some cases, like his, the glandular tissue wants to come out as a large mass. If I were to leave some of it behind, he most certainly would complain about feeling breast tissue beneath his skin.

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