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This is the story of a 26 year old male who presented to the Austin Gynecomastia Center for rather significant gynecomastia development after he took M-Drol for muscle building. This is a potent anabolic steroid used in cycles by bodybuilders. He told me he developed gynecomastia about six months after stopping the steroid.

His gyno affected him on a scale of 1 to 10 as a 10. He wore two shirts all the time, wore shirts with lettering to help camouflage his chest area, tweaked his nipples to keep them stimulated and flat and didn’t work out his chest area because it made the appearance of his chest worse.

He is seen here after gynecomastia surgery with the removal of bilateral glandular tissue and liposuction. His result is quite nice. You can see the size of the masses that I removed. Most importantly, he has no irregularities as you might expect anytime you remove such a large mass.

Even more impressive is that he tells me that his chest doesn’t bother him at all – ZERO out of ten. I suspect he was able to garner a more complete recovery after treatment because he didn’t live with it most of his adult life like most gynecomastia patients who developed the problem since puberty. You can say that the mental scarring wasn’t able to set in as deep because of the short duration of his gyno.

I have started to ask my patients to take some time for an AGC review. Go to Google plus or one of the other major sites and write something. I hope I helped him and that he found his care of the highest quality, but I want him to write something from his perspective that will help gynecomastia suffers to seek treatment from this disabling condition that is treatable for sure.

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