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This is a 30 year old overweight man who wanted me to evaluate him for gynecomastia. Clearly he is overweight, and has not only gynecomastia but fullness in the underarm and axillary apex areas (Zones 2 and 3). He is seen here after gynecomastia surgery with liposuction and tissue removal. His liposuction removal was 2450cc and his tissue removal was about 15 grams each side.

Post operatively he has lost a lot of weight and he has changed his life significantly in terms of managing his weight. To be sure, the plan from the beginning was to only perform this procedure if he loses weight and fully engages lifestyle changes that will lead to a long, healthy future for this young man. It’s possible in carefully selected patients to treat their gynecomastia which can lead to liberation and then to good habits including dedicated weight loss and healthy living.

Those who have sleep apnea are not suitable candidates for outpatient gynecomastia treatment in my office. The procedure would need to be postponed until after treatment for sleep apnea or it can be done in the hospital setting at significant cost increase compared to my in-office operating facility.

Your health and safety are my primary concerns. I don’t accept undue risk when treating my gynecomastia patients.

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