Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This young man has TERTIARY gynecomastia. This means he has been operated on 3 times previously for gynecomastia and he continues to have fullness and an unsatisfactory result that causes his distress and frustration—distress that he continues to have the appearance of female like breasts and frustration that he has given surgeons 3 tries to get this right and it has not happened.

You can appreciate the size of the tissue masses on both sides that I removed. They are firm masses that most likely represent gynecomastia tissue not removed as well as scar tissue created from his previous treatments (likely resulting from the use of SmartLipo treatment which is a laser treatment that overheats the tissues and essentially can form internal “burns” that create a lot of dense scar tissue.

This case wasn’t simply about removing the masses. In experienced hands this would be “relatively” straight forward. What saved my result was the use of my Internal Flaps which was the use of normal tissue around the masses that I removed and realigning this normal tissue into the depression caused by the removal of these large masses. If not, he would have had a significant depression. These photos are about 5 weeks after his surgery and he is still swollen but I anticipate that over the coming months this is going to get much better in terms of appearance. It already looks quite good now!

Revisional gynecomastia is not for the faint of heart. These patients require great care as they are far more challenging than even I imagined having done thousands of gynecomastia cases. Exercise caution when considering revisional gynecomastia and ensure that you are in the best of hands so your are not disappointed or worse.