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Benefits of Breast Augmentation Go Beyond Better Breasts

How The Benefits Of A Breast Augmentation Go Beyond Better Breasts

When you think of a breast augmentation in Austin, you think of larger breasts and all the benefits that come with that. But truth be told, the benefits of a breast augmentation go beyond better breasts and encompass your entire body. It’s all about body proportions. The results can make you look thinner, taller and shapelier. It’s quite obvious when you try on implant sizers in front of my full-length mirror—we look at your breasts and then the entire picture. […]

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Top Plastic Surgeons Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has changed quite a lot since I first arrived here permanently in the year 2000. When I was a kid going to the University of Texas it was a cow town: small and quaint, weird as ever and easily manageable. There was no downtown living, the highways were easy to navigate and Lake Austin boating was a breeze. Boy, how times have changed. There were about 25 plastic surgeons at that time and now this number is closer […]

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Plastic Surgery in Austin

Fear of Anesthesia: What You Need To Know And What You Can Do To Minimize It

Patients who come to my practice are not afraid of plastic surgery—they fear anesthesia. They fear “going under,” losing control, and not waking up. It sounds like the perfect story line for a horror movie, when, in fact, it’s more like the story of Cinderella. The reason this fear exists is because our media circulates rare stories of plastic surgery blunders, the worst of which are related to anesthesia. Perception is reality even though statistics would tell an entirely different […]

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Face and Neck Lift Recovery

Face And Neck Lift Recovery: Five Things You Must Do For A Speedy And Smooth Recovery

After performing hundreds of face and neck lifts, there are 5 things that I insist all my patients do so that their recovery is the best that it can be. The goal is to avoid any complications and to get the patient back to the real world in about two weeks. The primary issues that slow us down are swelling and bruising. I call this a “boring” recovery—no drama or little obstacles that hinder your recovery progress. Particularly in the […]

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Austin Plastic Surgery for Men

Austin Plastic Surgery for Men – What Is In Demand At Westlake Plastic Surgery?

Historically, plastic surgery for men accounts for only 5% of plastic surgery patients. I am lucky to have a practice that is visited by both men and women in equal part. This is no doubt due to the worldwide popularity of the Austin Gynecomastia Center as a solution for men who suffer from gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs.” Male plastic surgery in Austin, Texas consists mostly of those seeking nose jobs, liposuction and gynecomastia treatments, with other facial plastic […]

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Breast Implants Austin

Breast Implants And Recovery after Surgery

It’s hard to prepare yourself for what it will feel like after a breast augmentation. In most cases these implants are placed beneath the muscle and the expansion of the muscle and tissues results in changes that are fairly common amongst patients. I recently asked all of my breast implant patients to describe what they felt during the first week after their procedure, consolidated in the list below. Pain. This is universal but can range from mild to pretty bad. […]

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