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Austin, Texas has changed quite a lot since I first arrived here permanently in the year 2000. When I was a kid going to the University of Texas it was a cow town: small and quaint, weird as ever and easily manageable. There was no downtown living, the highways were easy to navigate and Lake Austin boating was a breeze. Boy, how times have changed. There were about 25 plastic surgeons at that time and now this number is closer […]

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Plastic Surgery in Austin

Fear of Anesthesia: What You Need To Know And What You Can Do To Minimize It

Patients who come to my plastic surgery practice are usually not afraid of the surgery—they fear anesthesia. They fear “going under,” losing control, and not waking up. It sounds like the perfect story line for a horror movie, when, in fact, it’s more like the story of Cinderella. The reason this fear exists is because our media circulates rare stories of plastic surgery blunders, the worst of which are related to anesthesia. Perception is reality even though statistics would tell […]

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Asian Breast Augmentation in Austin, Texas: What You Need To Know About Why It’s Different

Yes, that’s right. An Asian breast augmentation is different than all the others for reasons I will describe. As a general rule, Asian skin is much tighter and the dermis is a lot thicker. The muscles of the chest are typically more stuck to the underlying ribs making pocket dissection more challenging. Most importantly, Asian peoples scar worse than average, so much thought needs to go into the incision for implant placement.  The tight nature of the skin and underlying […]

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What Is The Best Way To Recover From A Face And Neck Lift?

There are some simple things you can do after your facelift and neck lift that effectively ensure a faster recovery with minimal swelling and bruising. These are face and neck lift recovery tips that I have learned after many years spent in plastic surgery observing my patients’ recovery from this common procedure. Invest in a neck pillow. They work wonders to keep your neck straight and limit turning side to side, and less movement leads to less swelling and bruising. […]

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What Is The Keller Funnel And How Is It Used In Breast Enhancement?

The Keller funnel is a cone shaped plastic sleeve that is used to facilitate the insertion of silicone breast implants. The incisions for saline implants are quite small (usually about an inch or so) because they are inserted beneath the breast in a deflated state and then filled by the surgeon. Silicone implants, however, are pre-filled so the incision required is considerably larger to ensure that the implant can be inserted without too much trauma. At our Austin plastic surgery […]

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What Is “Internal Work” During a Rhinoplasty Or Nose Job?

A rhinoplasty at our Austin plastic surgery center generally has two basic components. The first is the external or outside of the nose and the second is the internal or inside of the nose. Usually the outside of the nose is manipulated to enhance the general appearance while the internal nose is changed to ensure normal breathing. Often work on both components is necessary for the best outcome. The most common request for the external nose is a hump reduction […]

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