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Plastic Surgery Gone Right!

As I waited at the checkout counter the other day, I came across a tabloid with the title “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong.” Every day I listen to patients in my office telling me why they wouldn’t consider a certain procedure because “it’s dangerous.” Even a little couch time watching TV is all that I need to confirm the obvious – we are all flooded with the bizarre and sensationalized aspects of plastic surgery. No wonder patients are afraid. If, supposedly, […]

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Liposuction: No Downtime, No Incisions, No Pain, No Anesthesia. Lose Seven Inches In Two Weeks and It’s FREE!

Well, not exactly. It’s been about two years since the “new liposuction” hit the market. Instead of the standard technique, with a hand held cannula and a suction machine, the new techniques involved the use of a power tip that “melted” the fat. Unfortunately, the marketing that went along with the power liposuction was, frankly, outrageous. Many non plastic surgeons purchased these machines in order to make some money outside of their medical expertise. This led to many dissatisfied patients, […]

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