Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This is a rhinoplasty / nose job case that I didn’t anticipate I was going to achieve the goal of a smaller, finer tip but it happened. This patient is about 3 months out from her rhinoplasty and it was challenging because her nose tip skin was quite thick. In addition, it was a challenge to rotate her nose because her upper lateral cartilages simply got in the way of my rotation efforts. Fortunately, I recognized this problem and trimmed the upper lateral cartilages so the tip could rotate. You can appreciate a smaller, smoother nose that is also shorter and rotated nicely into a feminine angle. Although her nose looks 100 percent natural, the overall result is huge in that her appearance is different. She looks younger and prettier and the only conclusion is because of the changes in her nose! Granted she is wearing some makeup, but we know that only helps and isn’t the real reason for the incredible changes. The good news is that since she is early from her nose it will continue to get smaller and more refined.