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Rhinoplasty Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 37

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This patient demonstrates features of a male rhinoplasty. The approach to a nose job in males is different in some ways than the female patients. Male nose job is all about keeping masculine features while toning down some exaggerations that may be bothersome.

In his case his nose was very long, his upper lip area was tight because his nose tip was also droopy “crowding” the upper lip area. I shortened his nose, smoothed his dorsum or bridge area and worked on the tip area so it was more sculpted and less droopy. The overall balance of his nose is improved significantly and I fully expect his final result to be natural and balanced.

I can’t stress enough that no nose job that comes from my hands will ever be perfect as this simply isn’t possible – particularly if you take a long view since it takes years for the nose to heal from a nose job. This is the reality with all nose jobs and simply must be accepted for what it is – nice improvements but always with some feature you may wish could be “better”. Expectations are very important when it comes to a nose job. What you don’t want is a botched nose job that can be almost impossible to fix. Surgeon experience and honesty is critical when you choose your rhinoplasty surgeon.

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