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Rhinoplasty Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 14

Patient Details

This is a young woman who was interested in a rhinoplasty or nose job. She wanted her nose smaller and more refined. She is seen here after a rhinoplasty, with an adjustment of the underlying cartilage and bony to make for a smaller, narrower nose with a more refined tip and an improved balance.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Her bridge is more narrow. Her tip is more refined. She had a very wide nose for her narrow face. This can be best appreciated on the full face picture comparison.
  2. She is ONLY about one year after her procedure. This means she will still shrink and improve over the coming year. Swelling takes quite some time to go away.
  3. This is what I would call a natural result. It’s a nose, and nobody quite knows what’s different about her but something is.
  4. This is a big deal for patients who don’t like their noses. It’s a confidence booster for sure and makes people a little less self-conscious about an aspect of their appearance that bothers them.
  5. There is no exact age limit for rhinoplasty, but most professionals would suggest age 16 or so as a time to consider a nose job. Maturity is important as are realistic expectations. Some patients want results that simply are not achievable based on their particular nasal features/anatomy.

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