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Rhinoplasty Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 09

Patient Details

This patient has a nose that is not flattering for his face. It’s long, wide and the tip is overgrown and not shaped in a particularly good way. He has a moderate sized hump and the nostrils show on side view as the columella hangs.

These after views show a nice change in the opposite direction to the above description – the hump has been reduced, the tip shape is improved, the nose is smaller and you can no longer see inside his nose on side view. The balance of his nose is better. It fits his handsome face like it’s always been there. There is actually a “dramatic” difference yet on the other hand it’s subtle and natural. Without the side by side photos to compare nobody would be able to tell what was done. This is the ideal nose job result in many ways. Patients are looking for normal, natural results – their nose just better.

It’s important to remember that breathing is the main job of the nose and it is important that your surgeon be aware of any breathing issues you may be having before treatment. About 40 percent of my patients will require some form of internal nasal manipulation to make sure their breathing is not compromised by making their nose smaller and if we are lucky it may even be better. Internal nasal surgery generally consists of making alterations to the septum of the nose and the turbinates. The septum is the “divider” of the nose in the midline and the turbinates are the “air conditioning” units of the nose. This work is not seen by the patient but is certainly appreciated if their breathing is better!

Male Rhinoplasty Surgery Footage and Recovery - Before and After Nose Job

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