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This is a young woman who complained of an unrefined nose. She had a small hump on the bridge of the nose and a wide tip. Her nose was also a bit big and long for her face. She is seen here after a typical rhinoplasty with manipulation of the tip cartilage and reduction of the small hump. The nose was made smaller, as well. She is only six months after her procedure now, and we anticipate that it will continue to improve with time. She was moving out of state so I had to get her pictures earlier than is typical. The nose takes about two years for all the swelling to subside, and will actually continue to change for many years afterwards. Some of the changes are not all favorable, so plastic surgeons will often adjust what they do in a nose at the time of the procedure in anticipation of changes that can occur many years after a rhinoplasty.

The most favorable results from a rhinoplasty happens when your surgeon is relatively conservative. Cartilage tip grafts are less in favor now because they can show later down the line. When it comes to rhinoplasty, less can be more! It’s best to get your nose done right the first time. Secondary procedures are more complex and unpredictable than the first procedure. Choose your surgeon wisely.

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