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Rhinoplasty Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 18

Patient Details

This patient is about 16 weeks from her nose job. She is from out of town which is why the photos are not “standard” but they reveal what you want to see and it actually shows more because these photos are in her environment the way she wants to be seen.

She had a large nose. It was not a feminine nose. It was crooked. It was large in all dimensions from an overgrown dorsal hump and a wide super projecting tip. My mission was to make her nose smaller and more feminine so it fits her face better.

We are certainly on the path of a very nice result. She is still early in her recovery in terms of swelling and shaping and much has yet to come. The dorsum is down a LOT and the tip shape is vastly better than it was. Her nose is in a better balance and it changes the appearance of her beautiful face. Her nostril shape is better. The angle of her nose as it relates to her upper lip is ideal. Her nose is shorter. This was a challenge in many ways because of the overall size of her nose. It looks natural and non-operated. It is not overdone.

It is not perfectly straight because it can never be. It appears MUCH straighter that it was before her treatment. Her face has a lot of asymmetries and no matter what I do her nose will never be straight because her face isn’t perfectly straight/aligned. Her nose is seen relative to her face and her face isn’t symmetrical! Does this make sense? A tree can be perfectly straight up but if the trees around it are slanted it will look out of line with the surrounding trees – straight is relative to a reference.

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