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This patient wanted a nose job to reduce the size of the hump on his nose. He had what is called a high-tension nose where the dorsum is dominant and overgrown, creating a banana-like shaped hump that eclipses the tip. This is caused by a mixture of both bone and cartilage.

The patient’s dorsal hump reduction nose job procedure is what is known as an open rhinoplasty, in which the internal components of the nose are exposed for accessibility during the operation after the skin of the nose is folded back. While a closed rhinoplasty (no incision/internal nasal exposure) is something that people are increasingly seeking, the truth is that this nose job technique is limited in what it can accomplish and why whether the open or closed technique is used is dictated by the extent of the surgery.

The patient reported a smooth recovery from his rhinoplasty. We saw him one week post op and again at 8 weeks out from his surgery. The patient experienced moderate swelling located particularly in the tip and the area right above the tip. His vigilant taping has helped keep the swelling down from what it could be.

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