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This patient is about 8 weeks out of her rhinoplasty. She had a history of filler use to her nose done elsewhere. She complained that her nose lost it’s shape and finer features. I didn’t know where her filler was placed or how much was used.

At surgery I found a lot of filler throughout her nose. I have not seen such a large amount ever. Surprisingly, when I removed her filler her nose looked quite good without me even doing anything else! I proceeded to make some adjustments in her nose anatomy working to the goals that she set out during our meetings before surgery.

She is seen here with a subtle but impressive early result. Her nose is more refined and sculpted. It’s smaller. It’s smoother. Nose fillers simply add volume to the nose. It’s relatively new so only time will tell what role it will play in nose refinement. It’s important to understand that most patients want a smaller and more defined nose and simply adding volume won’t bring about the changes you want. A nose job is a surgery and has consequences for sure, but when done right the results are impressive and permanent. Nose fillers have a role for sure, just make sure you understand what to expect with filler use and take it seriously. I wouldn’t go to an esthetician or marginally qualified medical professional for something as important as your nose.

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