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This case illustrates a reality that is associated with patients who what thick skin on the nose – particularly the tip area. You can appreciate that her nose pores are larger than average on the tip area. This suggests that the skin is thicker than average. Thick skin on the nose will almost always have the effect of limiting the degree of refinement that you can expect from any nose job. The problem is that your surgeon can manipulate the underlying cartilages but they can take away the fact that thick skin will cover the cartilages so the changes that are made won’t be fully realized. It’s like having a small dog under your sheets on the bed – you will find him because he isn’t covered by much. If you have a thick comforter the dog wont be easily spotted because he is hidden!

Also, thicker skin means prolonged swelling for sure. I have always educated that the nose takes about 2 years for the swelling to resolve (even longer in some cases). Thicker skin = more swelling for a longer time.

Having said all the above, you can appreciate that her nose is smaller, the tip is certainly more refined than it was and the tip is no longer plunging downwards and the overall appearance of her nose is, in a lot of ways, a lot better than it was! Expectations are important in nose work. It is the center of the face. It is important. You don’t want a bad nose job and you should only seek out realistic, natural results and accept the fact that your nose will never quite look like the ideal nose you want. Quality surgeons will not only discuss what can be achieved but also what is impossible. When you consult with surgeons with exceptional reputations it’s important to “listen” to what they say as it can be very revealing as to your surgeons expertise, skills and maturity.

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