Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a typical case of gynecomastia treatment surgery for bodybuilders gynecomastia. These patients have large muscular mass and discrete gynecomastia tissue collections often glandular in nature. They have little body fat.

In his case fairly large, adherent gynecomastia masses were removed from a “frontal approach”. This is different than my “standard” 4 step approach you have seen in my videos. There is no need for liposuction and therefore there is no incision in the armpit. The only incision is at the bottom of the areola and meticulous dissection is then performed with the assist of my high-powered magnification eyeglasses and the electrosurgery unit.

This dissection is complicated and must be performed in a meticulous manner so all the tissue is removed sparing enough surrounding normal tissue that I can use as my “internal flap” which is then moved under the nipple-areola complexes so there is no depression or contour deformity.

He had it all and as you can see in the photos this is a superb result and I know that my good friend/patient is very happy and grateful for my help. He told me it has changed his life for the better and he will help others by sharing what he has learned with all those gynecomastia patients on the other side of the “fence”. I like those patients who want to help others.