Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This patient is 10 days out from her rhinoplasty / nose job. She had a relatively nice nose. What she wanted was some refinement—particularly in the tip area. I adjusted the strong tip cartilages and reduced her dorsum every so slightly and narrowed the base of her nose by in fracturing her bones.

She has some mild bruising and swelling at this very early time during her recovery. You can already appreciate the change in her nose and the change in how she looks (her entire face). It’s a huge but subtle difference. She looks different in a very positive way. Her face looks more refined. Her nose tip doesn’t dominate her nose. It’s smaller. It simply fits her face better. It’s early in her recovery and things are only going to improve in terms of the size and shape of her nose as the edema (swelling) subsides.