Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This is a 32 year old young lady interested in improving in her nose. She had a plunging nasal tip and a bit of a hump on the bridge. She is seen here after a rather typical rhinoplasty. It included a hump reduction, refinement in the nasal tip, and a narrowing of the width of her nose. She is about eight months after her procedure in these pictures which is quite early after a rhinoplasty as the swelling can persist for up to two years. This isn’t swelling that you would see per se, but the fact is that the nose shrinks for about two years to finally reach its finished state. (However the nose, in general, will continue to undergo changes throughout your life!)

Her resulting nose is shaped better, fits her face better, and is more “balanced”. She is very pleased with her result. She still looks like herself and was glad her look wasn’t dramatically different or strange. I’m happy for her.