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This is a mother of two who is 5’3″ and 106 pounds interested in a breast enhancement. When she first met me in consultation she told me she did not want a “breast lift.” As you can see from her photos, she has extreme pregnancy related breast changes. Her breasts are involuted, collapsed, saggy and deflated (lots of stuff!). There is no elasticity to her skin whatsoever. When she raises her arms, you can see the fine wrinkling of the skin which is evidence there is no elasticity left.

When I saw her back I was impressed with the outcome, particularly considering what she started with. Look at some of the moles on her chest and you can see how much I was able to elevate her breasts.

It has been my experience that when a patient tells me that she “doesn’t want a lift,” this generally means that they need a lift, they know this, but they want me to tell them it is needed to achieve our goals. There is no way this breast can be adequately managed without a lift. Sure you can put in a huge implant but then it will destroy her skin, stretch her tissues, and cause complications like bottoming out and rippling. It will look unnatural and she will look like “boobs on a stick.” There is nothing to fear with a scar on the breast. Would you prefer a Ferrari with a scratch or a beat up old car? Your choice indeed, but most people prefer the Ferrari. What both men and women see is the “big picture:” breasts that are positioned well with nice skin and nipples that are pointing forward and not at the floor. Breasts that project and have superior fullness and cleavage. Note too that there is some difference in the positioning of the nipples on the left and right breasts. Rarely does any woman have perfect breasts and in the case of an augmentation and “lift” there will be asymmetry.

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