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Breast Lift With Implants Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 23

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This is a mother of one who is 152 pounds and 5’7″ tall. She wants fuller, larger, and perkier breasts. She is seen here after a bilateral breast lift with implants. She had 400cc smooth round silicone implants placed beneath the muscle through a vertical lifting approach. I removed about 65 grams of breast tissue on each side. These photos were taken about a year and a half after her procedure. It’s apparent that she has gained some weight.

Before surgery she had typical post partum breasts (after kids), which lose overall fullness (particularly in the upper part of the breasts) and sag. You can clearly see the increase in fullness, particularly in the upper part of the breast. This attribute of superior breast fullness as well as an elevation of the breasts on the chest wall is relatively unique to the BRA procedure. Look at the projection of the breast on the lateral picture – how far her breast extends out from her chest. The loose tissue at the bottom of the breast is reduced and the new breast is built around a breast implant that is placed under the pectoral muscle that has not been “cut” as is not uncommon in breast enhancement procedures. The intact muscle helps to support the breast implant and keep it up high on the chest wall.

Note the rectangle on the bottom set of photographs. This was created using set points on both before and after photographs to illustrate the fact that the breast is filling out the rectangle much more after the procedure, there is much more projection of the breast, there is much less “sag” to the breast and most of the fullness has been created in the upper portion of the breast (the area that most patients find pleasing). Note also that when I speak of “superior breast fullness” I am not referring to the “step off” look created with subglandular, overinflated saline implants. The fullness created by this procedure is natural in appearance; it looks only unnatural when you consider that few women older than seventeen have such desired fullness!

It’s unfortunate that most patients don’t remember what they used to have until they have been shown their pre and post operative photos side by side. Pictures don’t lie and patients don’t remember. It takes over two years for the scars to look their best.

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