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Breast Lift With Implants Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 22

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This is a female who is 5’8″ and 148 pounds and had laparoscopic surgery for obesity. She lost over 100 pounds and told me she was interested in doing something about her breasts as they have fallen and they are very loose and unattractive to her.

She is seen here after a breast lift with implants, specifically the more advanced variant called the Breast Reduction with Augmentation (BRA). She was augmented with 350cc smooth round silicone implants placed beneath the muscle. About 60 grams of hanging loose breast tissue was removed. This was performed through a vertical approach with a “lollipop” shaped final scar.

One can clearly see the overall improvement. Her flat, pancake like breasts are now fuller, higher, and tighter. There has been a big elevation of her breasts on her chest wall. She did have a small problem with the right implant after her surgery as it didn’t completely drop and required a minor procedure under local anesthesia to move it down. The arrow on the oblique view points to the area of increased superior fullness.

When observing the changes in her breasts over time with photographic analysis, it was apparent to me that her breasts dropped a bit lower and laterally. She does not wear a bra at night but wears a very supportive one during the day. I told her that it’s also very important to wear a supportive bra at night (one that does not have an under wire though), to keep her breasts positioned up front. The female breast will naturally want to move down and to the side over time. Women with larger breasts are more likely to experience this than those with smaller ones. The weight of a breast implant will stretch and thin the tissue over time so it is very important to supply external support with a quality bra. Think of it as a way of preserving your investment. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t but it sure does make sense.

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