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This mother of several children is 5’6″ and 170 pounds. She consulted with me with concerns about her breasts and her abdomen. She had an engaging and happy personality. She had wonderful skin (a great thick dermis that is perfect for plastic surgeons). She was overweight for sure. She had made some progress with weight loss, but it was slowing significantly. She wanted “stripper boobs” but “not quite to that point.” On examination she had excess fat throughout her body, but more importantly she had an abundance of fat on the inside of her abdomen. This is the visceral fat that is around the organs. By history, it runs in her family on both her mother and father’s side. She had no loose skin on her abdomen and no stretch marks which is miraculous considering the number of children she has.

I am always reluctant to perform a liposuction procedure on anyone who is overweight and simply needs to lose the weight. Surgery is not the answer in many cases. However, I felt that she was worth investing in. I felt she was seriously motivated and that it was possible that I can work with her to make significant positive life changes. She is seen here about six months after a removal of 5500cc of fat and a bilateral breast augmentation with 375cc high profile silicone implants placed beneath the muscles through an incision in the breast crease. There is a remarkable transformation to say it mildly! She is very happy with her results as is her husband. Her weight is now 160 pounds, and she lives a much more healthy and active lifestyle. Notice how much flatter her abdomen is. This is not only from her liposuction but more importantly from her weight loss which shrunk the fat on the inside of her abdomen. Continued weight loss would make this even smaller and flatter. Her breasts are certainly more attractive. They are fuller, particularly superiorly, and are shaped better. They look even more interesting considering that when the body is made small, the breasts automatically appear larger. The liposuction that I did under her arms and on the sides of her breasts improved the appearance significantly. I chose high profile implants because they tend to shape a larger breast with thicker skin better. They help to enhance the projection of her breasts and to narrow them as well. This always looks more youthful.

She still needs to work on her weight, and I can see the shape of her breasts before surgery and the curvature of her rib cage will always make it easy for her breasts to fall off to the side. This is why it is so important that she wear a comfortable, yet supportive, sleeping bra to keep them up front on the flatter, more stable portion of her rib cage.  All breast enhancement procedures that come from my hands will need external support more often than just during the day in order to protect your investment. Liposuction in the best of hands is a relatively straight forward procedure that delivers the goods. Liposuction performed by unqualified individuals in back rooms is not acceptable and dangerous. Those who seek their liposuction by choosing a machine are missing the point. The outcome of your liposuction depends on your surgeon, plain and simple. Don’t become an unhappy liposuction patient, or worse, because you chose poorly.

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