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Mommy Makeover Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 15

Patient Details

This is a mother of three, 5’3″ and 153 pounds, who desired a “mommy makeover.” She is seen here after an abdominoplastybilateral breast augmentation and liposuction. These photos are taken at about six months after her procedures. She has lost 12 pounds since her procedures.

She had a full abdominoplasty with fascial placation (suture of the muscular layer that becomes lax and bulges after pregnancies). I performed liposuction of her trunk and extremities and removed 5200cc of fat. Her breasts were enhanced with 300cc smooth silicone implants placed below the muscle from an incision at the breast crease.

A “mommy makeover” generally involves the procedures that this patient had. It offers treatment alternatives for the breast, abdomen and body in an attempt to restore a woman’s figure to pre pregnancy days. You can see that her abdominal scar is quite red even after half a year. The scar is flat, but it is colored. This will take about two years to turn more skin colored. This redder scar in her case is unusual. The scar is red, but it is not spread or raised.

Combining cases for cosmetic benefit requires some skill and good judgment. It’s not always advisable, and sometimes procedures need to be staged over time. This is critical to your outcome so listen carefully when you speak with your surgeon about the appropriateness of multiple procedures in your individual case. In general, I would not recommend that you have a large volume liposuction performed at the same time as several other procedures unless your surgeon is very experienced and has a track record of successful outcomes. It is my recommendation that more advanced procedures and procedure combinations be performed by those with the best training, the most experience and the greatest concern for your general health and welfare.

I plan on performing a minor revision of her “dog ears” when she is ready. These are the small dimples of tissue at the ends of the abdominal scar. This is not uncommon and will be done under local injection in about twenty minutes.

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