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Patient Details

This is a 41 year old woman, who is 5’2” and 132 pounds interested in treatment for her pear shaped figure. On examination, it’s obvious that she is pear shaped, with significant lipodystrophy from the belly button on down. Her skin is only fair in quality at best and she has cellulite throughout, particularly on her legs.

She is seen here after a large volume liposuction of everything from her belly button to her knees. I removed 5400cc of fat. The procedure took two hours and she was sent home afterwards to recover. One can clearly see that her pear shape is gone, and that her skin has done quite well above her waist, less so below.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Liposuction is great for a pear shaped figure. This is inherited, and expert contouring can take that pear away. This means tops and bottoms that fit off the shelf, and usually a breast enhancement simply because they look larger when the bottom is smaller.
  2. Cellulite is not treated with liposuction. I don’t care what technique or machine you use. Lax, poor skin will not just tighten up and flatten out with liposuction. Take this advice as gospel.
  3. I told her during her consultation that I would be happy to remove the pear shape, but that her skin would suffer to some degree because of the poor quality. She has to accept this fact or I will not perform the procedure. This is her “trade-off”—better figure at the expense of some wrinkling of the skin particularly of the upper inner thighs.
  4. She is happy with her result. She is really happy. She is interested in “more”, but based on her life station, I advised her to enjoy what she has for now and we can talk some additional procedures in the future (like a tummy tuck). She is still young and entertains the idea of children which would have a big impact on her figure.
  5. Her weight is up a bit which doesn’t make me that pleased, BUT, in her case, I think she carries it well as it actually expands the skin a bit and makes it look nicer. If she were to lose too much weight, her skin could collapse and not look as attractive.

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