Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient had Zone 1 gynecomastia with fairly larger fibroglandular masses on both sides. He is seen here about 5 months after surgical treatment for gynecomastia at the Austin Gynecomastia Center. You can appreciate the flattening of his female-like breasts and the enhanced muscular appearance of his chest based on the exposure of his underlying musculature and the fact that he was highly motivated by the procedure and has spent much time in the gym not that his is experiencing his liberation after gynecomastia treatment.

Note that the appearance of your chest after treatment very much depends on your underlying anatomy. Large pectoral muscles will show through. The shape of your underlying thorax contributes significantly to the appearance of your new chest. Sculpting in Zones 1-3 further exposes your anatomy laterally for that important V shape contribution to your entire upper body. If you want to know what you are going to look like after treatment you have to use your imagination a bit but also look at “typical” before and after photos for some perspective. It takes some adjusting to the “new you” after treatment as it is not uncommon for my patients to see themselves for the first time as they have never seen themselves before. You will adjust quite quickly from my observations of my past patients!