Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

Before and after gynecomastia surgery showing a patient who had already had previous gynecomastia treatment from another doctor using a method that Dr. Caridi does not recommend. See for yourself why.

This is an impressive secondary or revision gynecomastia. I am frequently asked to help out those who have had previous gynecomastia treatment that didn’t quite work out as well as they hoped.

In this case he had previous “LASER” gynecomastia treatment. I have learned quite a lot about this lately in terms of a pattern that I have seen that is consistent and predictable – thanks to the fact that I treat about 400 cases every year. I have observed that the internal scarring from LASER or SMARTLIPO treatment of gynecomastia is quite nasty and often results in very dense, stuck scar tissue and gland that requires great skill and experience to remove AND ensure that the final result is smooth and muscular. My Internal Flap technique is critical in these cases.

A gynecomastia surgery to correct or revise a previous gynecomastia treatment is often quite challenging – particularly if the previous treatment involved LASER or SMARTLIPO treatment. The problem with this LASER treatment is that it is simply too powerful and indiscriminate so it does a lot of damage that results in inflammation, long healing times and scar tissue, as inflammation often leads to scar tissue. At this juncture, I don’t recommend SMARTLIPO as a treatment option with gynecomastia unless your surgeon can prove to you that he / she gets it right each and every time. The VASER ultrasonic option has proven in my hands to be safe, predictable, reliable, and quite effective in achieving the objective of complete removal of gynecomastia tissue without the need for the electrosurgery device.

Check out the size of the masses that I removed from both sides. It was stuck all around the scar / gland mass and a challenge to remove, let alone get it out from the tiny incision at the bottom of the areola! My greatest fear after removing the mass is the appearance of the chest — will it look skeletonized or overdone? How do I prevent this from happening? I can leave some tissue but this isn’t what my patients want. I have learned that I can remove all this tissue and then use my Internal Flap and careful contouring of the surrounding zones so the result removal of all tissue and a nice, masculine contour that you can be proud of.

His post-operative photos are from one day after surgery. I show these because I want you to relish in how well he looks the next day. This isn’t something that will take months to see results. He is well on his way to a very impressive chest. My big issue with him is the god-awful posture that he developed to hide his chest. He needs to improve his posture after gynecomastia treatment. It’s important to his physical result and mental recovery.