Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a very educational case regarding gynecomastia treatment surgery. As hard to believe as this case may be, this is a 17-year-old brought to me by his parents. He no doubt has very significant gynecomastia in the appearance—he has fullness up front with female like breasts AND he also has significant skin laxity with rolls of fat extending under his arms.

How is the young man best treated? What are the options for treatment? The million-dollar question in his case is what is the best plan to treat his chest so he has the best result? Based on my extensive experience and a careful assessment of his history and examination of his skin elasticity, I felt it best to NOT offer him skin excision treatment that will result in scars across his chest and around his areolas. He is only 17. He did lose weight as I recommended before his evaluation at the AGC. I suspect most surgeons would have advised him that he needs skin excision with the resultant scars because of his appearance.

He was treated with my standard approach to non-skin removal gynecomastia treatment with VASER, tissue removal and liposuction. As you can appreciate, his skin has done remarkably well and he has a very satisfactory result without the need for skin removal. This could have always been done as a secondary procedure if this result was not evident but it was not necessary.

Both his he and his mom agree that this treatment has been a game changer as it has improved his psyche tremendously and he is a much better young man as a result of his treatment. Electing to have skin removal is a decision/judgment that requires much experience and should only be considered after you have consulted with several quality surgeons to determine the feasibility of such an outcome as you see here.