Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This man had impressive gynecomastia. The typical fullness up front with puffy nipples. He had some lateral fullness in Zones 2-3 as well. He his seen here post-operative day 1 after standard gynecomastia treatment surgery as you have seen on my videos. His gynecomastia is gone and the early appearance of his chest indicates a nice result.

Recovery from gynecomastia is all about healing management. Tissues are swollen after the trauma of surgery and healing takes months. Scar tissue can form, lumps and bumps can be appreciated and skin may have some irregularities. This is where the patient will focus on managing all these normal healing changes so the final result is as impressive as it can be.

We manage the healing process by using compression garments, massaging the tissues, rolling the skin with a pizza like roller and occasionally using steroids to help things along. Using excellent posture is a very important behavior to ensure you look tall and proud but it also helps the skin to recover. If you have creases or wrinkles in your skin you will work this out over time so it’s as smooth as possible. Remember, the most important characteristic for a  great result is having high quality, elastic skin. These folks don’t have to worry as much as those who have thin, inelastic skin … but it is what it is and we have to work with what you have! Investing in your recovery is just as important as finally taking the plunge for surgical treatment.