Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

Before and after gyno surgery including major skin excision. Skin removal is not common among gynecomastia patients, but for those who require it, the results are phenomenal even with moderate scars.

This patient is seen about 1 week after a skin excision and free nipple graft technique to treat his gynecomastia. He lost a tremendous amount of weight and had very saggy tissue that extended under his arms. His pre-operative photos also show the markings that I made for the skin removal pattern. On the day of these photos I removed the bolsters over his nipple-areola complexes and they are alive and well.

He is going back home today so we won’t see him again. We fully educated him on the care of his chest and new nipple-areola grafts and with appropriate scar management and rolling his chest will look quite impressive even with the scars. It takes about 16 months for the scars to calm down and look their best so patience is a virtue for sure.