Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a 26 year old man who developed gynecomastia after taking prohormones. He had fullness on each chest that bothered him considerably. You can see the glandular tissue that was removed during surgery for gynecomastia as well as some liposuction for final chest contouring.

He is very happy. He was confused about the appearance of his chest area when he elevated his arms. I told them it was completely normal and the only reason he is curious is because he was never able to see what a normal chest looks like with arms elevated because he had breast tissue covering his muscles in those areas.

Prohormone and hormone induced gynecomastia is typically glandular in nature. I actually enjoy these gynecomastia surgery procedures because they are more complex to remove (I don’t mind challenges). They are more “tricky” because there is a lot of “art” involved in removing all the gland and then contouring the final fatty layer so the result is smooth and masculine.