Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a young man who developed gynecomastia while an adolescent. He knew that something was wrong and did a lot of research on what he suspected was gynecomastia. He then presented his case to his mom and she was intuitive enough to know that this was something that was troubling him tremendously and that could have some significant psychological consequences if nothing was done. They traveled to the Austin Gynecomastia Center in Austin and I agreed with his self-diagnosis of gynecomastia and we arranged surgery for gynecomastia to remove it so that he can get on with his life without this burden.

He is seen here early after his gynecomastia surgery with removal of glandular material and liposuction. I treated all three zones of his chest area. He complains of a small contour irregularity on his left side which appears as a crease. I told him that it was quite early after surgery and that he should work the area with massage and a roller regularly and come back to see me in about a year.

From my perspective (and his moms), his result is impressive and he has been a new man since the surgery. It’s not uncommon for patients to focus on imperfections – it’s my job to keep things in perspective and to provide reassurances and even a revision procedure if indicated. I have found that with time many of these minor issues seem to resolve themselves – sometimes literally and others when the patient simply comes to term with the issue and lets it go. In either case, it’s often advisable to wait a year for all the internal healing to be done.